She Loved Me Once

Get a sneak peek, below.


Atruah backed up to a table.

“Lift me,” she commanded. I did as she asked. My body was on fire; my mouth was dry, my penis throbbed, and my heart felt as if it was going to jump out of my chest.

She pulled me toward her, kissed me and bit my lip in one motion. I thought my skull would explode with thoughts. I wanted to strip her and just push inside of her and release myself. The kiss intensified. I wanted to cry from joy. She grabbed my hands and pushed them inside her shirt. It was a white button-down blouse that was open, with a flower bikini top underneath. The feel of her breasts under the shirt had my palms itching. My body was taken over by lust. Lust I figured controlled my brain because I had no say. There was still a crowd around, but I was clueless. I just knew I was with the sexy Atruah, and I was allowed to touch her. Atruah moaned and leaned back on the table.

She yelled, “Take them out, and suck them, now.”

Thump, thump, thump; that’s what I heard between her words. The intense beat of my heart. I snatched her blouse open the rest of the way. I tore her bikini top trying to get to her tits. I dove in as if it was a cool pool. Her nipples were hard and delicious. I suckled like a newborn. I grunted and humped her while I sucked. She moaned, screamed, and pulled on my hair. I felt no pain. I only felt lust.

  Did you enjoy that little tease from SHE LOVED ME ONCE? If you are interested in reading the entire story you can find my eBook on – IT’S FREE!

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