Jessica’s Obsession

Jessica's Obsession

Status of Jessica’s Obsession when the book first  came out…

 For an entire week the book stayed between #2 and #4 under Amazon’s Hot New Releases!!!  I released Jessica’s Obsession on February 16th,  2013, and as of March 15th JESSICA’S OBSESSION RANKED IN THE TOP TEN ON AMAZON’S HOT NEW RELEASES FOR BODY ART & TATTOOS FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH!

JUNE 19th 2013


Yes, that’s John Quinlan, The Most Tattooed Romance Cover Model in the World, gracing the cover of Jessica’s Obsession.

Jessica’s Obsession made it to the top 100 on Amazon.

If you would like a print copy of this fantastic book, please follow the link to order.

Enjoy the YouTube book trailer of Jessica’s Obsession.

Below is an excerpt from the book. Enjoy!

St. Alicia’s Playground, California, 1986

It was summertime, and the St. Alicia’s playground was filled with children from their youth program for ages nine through twelve. The boys harassed each other as they swung on the monkey bars. Some even tried to dunk on each other on the basketball court. The girls played dodgeball or sat under the schoolyard tree and talked about the boys. Many of the younger girls in the nine-year-old group played jump rope.

The neighbors nearby heard the singsong rhymes the children sang:

Down in the valley
Down in the valley

Where the green grass grows

There sat Jessica

Sweet as a rose

She sang, she sang

She sang so sweet

Along came TONY!

And kissed her cheek.

How many kisses did he give her?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8…

Their voices carried across the yard.


“I’m not out! I did get it all right! Carrie and Elizabeth, why are you laughing?” squeaked the pint-sized, nine-year-old girl named Jessica. She stood with her feet apart, her arms stiff by her side, and her fist tightly balled.

The jump rope dangled from her best friend Elizabeth’s hand, as she looked over at her other best friend Carrie.

“Because…” Carrie giggled and covered her mouth, not able to finish her sentence.

Elizabeth couldn’t contain her giggles either. She laughed and said, “Ewwww, Jessica, you said my brother’s name.” She doubled up, squeezed her eyes together, and dramatically showed them how funny she thought it was that her brother’s name was used as a boy to be kissed.

“Stop it! Stop laughing! It’s not funny. He’s a boy; the song needed a boy’s name. Lizzy, so what? It’s your brother? Stop making fun of me!” Jessica squealed.

Young Elizabeth, who stood only an inch taller than Jessica, snickered harder.

That didn’t set well with Jessica. She snatched the rope from Lizzy and clenched her fist around the rope. Her little oval, plump face turned red. She was furious. “Shut up, Lizzy!” she yelled.

Startled by her friend’s remark, Lizzy stopped herself from her next tease. She could see that her friend had become truly angry. She tried not to laugh, but in the next instant, laughter sputtered out.

Jessica became infuriated. She tightened her grip and wound the rope around her fist. She pulled it free and threw it as hard as she could at Lizzy’s head.

The handles left her small hands and went straight, but the rope swung wildly in the air. Carrie saw it coming and ducked.

Lizzy tried to, but she ducked too late. The rope handles hit her directly mid-forehead. Shocked, she screamed and clutched her forehead. The scream brought the attention of the boys a few feet away on the playground basketball court.

Her brother jogged over.

He regarded the girls and asked them what had happened as he tried to pry Lizzy’s hands away from her forehead.

Carrie yelled and pointed, “She did it!” Jessica burst into hysterical tears and ran away.

Anthony stood and looked in the direction of the child who ran as fast as she could to get away. He thought it was pretty funny. A short snort arose but he twisted around just in time to catch the little girl running out of sight. She’s fast, he thought.

Tony turned back to his melodramatic sister and hugged her tight. It only took a couple minutes for Lizzy to calm herself.

“Are you okay?”

Lizzy sniffed and nodded.

He shook his head and went back to his basketball game.

He told his friends what had happened. They laughed and talked about the sprinter who got away. “Faster than Road Runner,” someone teased. They all laughed and went back to his game.

Carrie and Lizzy sat on the bench to watch the boys play. They whispered to each other. Lizzy told Carrie she hated Jessica and Carrie agreed that she hated her too.

“Let’s not talk to her ever again,” Lizzy puffed out as she looked around the playground.

Carried followed her gaze. They glanced at each other and then ran to play with the other children of their age.


Although Jessica was nine, she was a latchkey kid. She came home to an empty house twice a week. Her aunt would arrive a half-hour later. They had a system where Jessica would call her aunt as soon as she got home. However, that was only during the school season. It was summer; Jessica was not supposed to use the key during that time. Her aunt diligently picked her up every day at five o’clock.

Once Jessica arrived home she charged up the stairs to her bedroom. She let out a frantic scream just before she threw things around the room. Her voice vibrated throughout the house. “They should all die!” she yelled.

Exhausted from her run home and her tantrum in the room, Jessica flopped on the floor. She looked around the disastrous room as she banged her fist into her thighs. “I won’t let you laugh at me, Elizabeth Stone. I won’t! Tony saw, he saw you laugh at me! I hate you, Elizabeth Stone, and you will get it. You hear me? You will get it!”

Back and forth she rocked and pounded her thighs.

Jessica continued to talk to herself. “Why did you do that Lizzy? Tony is going to be my boyfriend! He should have hugged me! You made me cry! You made me angry! I hate you, Lizzy! I hate you! Oh, Tony, you didn’t laugh at me, did you? I didn’t see you laugh at me. You hugged that ugly Elizabeth. She’s not so important. You didn’t say bad things when you hugged her. You should have called her ugly!”

A burst of energy surged through Jessica. She jumped up and paced. The bedspread tangled around her foot, and she tripped. Bothered by her tangled foot, Jessica became even more enraged. She let out an awkward screech. “It’s all your fault, Elizabeth Stone!”

She fell down, feeling defeated, on the bedspread. She couldn’t get untangled. The spread wrapped around her shoe and part of her leg. Frustrated, she wept and whined, “He loves me, not you, Lizzy. He loves me!”

 Jessica is young in that excerpt – find out what she does when she gets a little older.

Get your copy now on Kindle, Nook, or any eReader! Also available in print.

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