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She walked up behind him and pulled his arm. He wanted to laugh, but he turned;  he didn’t want her to hurt herself because he knew there was no way she could have pulled him.

Stephan was one of the elite in the bodybuilding world. He enjoyed women who appreciated his body. He didn’t date because he preferred to keep life simple, he told his friends. They always found a way to joke him about his groupies. He would just hunch his shoulders. What they didn’t know was Stephan enjoyed the attention and he especially reveled in the sexual pleasure he received.

Angelica huffed and stripped Stephan’s sweats down. He smirked because he knew he was commando. Never know when a situation like this will present itself, he thought.

She squatted in front of him and grabbed his cock. Angel had strong legs and thighs. The squat wouldn’t cause her any problems. “Finally”, she said aloud.

Stephan’s prick throbbed inside of her mouth the moment she pushed it inside. He inhaled deeply. He was surprised that she took him all the way in. Most had a difficult time with his width. He was eight inches long and three inches thick. Damn, talk about deep throat, he thought as he spread his legs slightly apart.

He knew the public perception of the body builder’s below the belt muscle, and it was wrong.

Stephan took pride in his length and thickness. How ridiculous is; woo woman…. His thoughts were cut off as her mouth wrapped tighter around his cock; forming a vacuum like suction around him.

He pulled her hair away from her face and watched.


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5 thoughts on “Groupie

  1. Just wanna let u know….you KILLED ME…aight…u see me there…..on the floor…I’m dead….right there….on the floor….just leave me there and let them do a chalk outline on me,lol

    I so can’t wait for this book to come out….WHEW! 😀
    Its gonna be AWESOME!

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