Adult Poetry

You may find this erotic, sexy, or in bad taste. I surmise, it depends on how open minded you really are.

Even insomniacs can be poets.

Three and Me

Masturbated until you fell asleep,
Dreams of grandeur made you weep.
The finest body you had ever felt,
Made your heart instantly melt.

Suddenly awake crazed and delusional,
Understanding what you dreamt was all illusional.
Shaking your head feeling all alone,
You reached underneath the sheets for you hardened bone.

Moaning with every stroke, 
That bastard taking her from you was a joke.
Your thoughts began to waiver,
No other man was to have her.

Sexual desires streaming through your mind,
Hips and ass moving all the time.
Feeling the sensations that the sheets bring,
Your moans sounding like a song that you constantly sing.

Irrational thoughts of you fucking in this bed,
Her bending and kneeling giving you head.
To think all this time there was another,
Someone you trusted; your older brother.

Your bone you stroke and beat,
Pre cum wets underneath the sheet.
Faster and faster you pull and tug,
Even with them both dead on the bedroom rug.

Her ass you think of as you fascinate yourself,
You would have given her the world, your life, even wealth.
Round and firm that sweet mound,
Fucking it at every chance you found.

But elated
To pound,
Up and down
In the sheets,
Your harden meat.

Her nipples, no teasing and suckling them anymore,
Fuck her and the dead guy lying next to her on the floor.
Finally you cum into their sheets,
You wipe clean your cock, and get up onto your feet.

You look down at your ex lover,
Kicking and stomping your brother.
Unexpectedly there is a  sheriff thats comes thru the door,
He quickly gazes the bodies on the floor.

Bang goes the shot, you fall to the bed
Now lover, brother, and you are dead.
The sheriff sighs and glad he didn’t miss,
Not having her anymore makes him pissed.

Her breast tantalized him and she stimulated his cock,
As he stands rubbing it, it feels hard as a  rock.
Seeing her there, her ass in the air,
Remembering her sucking him off made him despair.

Licking his lips and checking to make sure all are dead,
One last time she gave him head.
He pushed in and out of her mouth until he came,
He zipped his pants without any shame.

Turning without a glance, the sheriff leaves them there,
His new wife dead with the naked pair.

2 thoughts on “Adult Poetry

  1. Thanks! I wrote it not expecting to put it on my blog or anywhere for that matter. I have let others read it, but decided the other day, why not!

    I love poetry so, why not share what pops in my thoughts at any given time.

    Some are *twisted* as a friend said to me, but I do have others that are not. I may post them too.

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