NaNo 50,000 words

NaNoWriMo starts in less than 50 minutes for me. I am Eastern Standard time.

I’m am so excited! This is my first and I can’t contain myself.

**large grin**

I do believe I will reach my goal of 50k. But right now, I am so flooded with so much going on in my head that I have no clue what to write first. BUT I do believe my muses do. They are revved up and ready to go.

The best thing about writing, is that all the voices in your head get heard.

**laughs out loud**

Writers know what I mean.

We arent crazy. We are CREATIVE!

I have eaten enough candy to run around the house a few times. I might get winded, but I will laugh and run more.


In two minutes I will end this posting and go back to the cool group NaNoWriMo on Facebook.

I can hang out with people who understand my lunacy.

For all those who are starting NaNoWriMo for the first time like me, please know you have a buddy. I can be reached on as Taabia Dupree. Just add me and send me a note if you need some support. I can send you to the cool group I belong to and we can chat there.

For now. I must go and began my last minutes preps.

Who am I kidding? I will sit here and act fruity for cockoo puffs for the next 45 minutes.

Here we gooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!


Forgive me for any grammar errors. I am typing fast and this is my blog so I can do what I want.

I know I know! I promise, my other post are not this bad with errors. If you find any, blame it on the candy I ate.




O’NaNo’s Eve

Groggy, sleep deprived and it’s not even NaNo ha. Last night I decide to get a good nights rest. Pffft. I watched television. I watched NaNo videos (great one on the home page of the NaNo site by a guy name Chris and YouTube has one that’s called the NaNo song). I go to bed, and I dream about rushing at the end of the month. I’m stressed in this dream because I’m in one of the NaNo classes and six people are yelling NO EDITING, NO MORE RESEARCH. GO COLD TURKEY WITH BAD PUNCTUATION AND NO OUTLINES AND EXPLORE YOUR MINDS!

Really? A nightmare? Pffft.

I would love to go back to bed, but I must go and do my duty as an American citizen and vote. Then I’m off to breakfast and back home to straighten up my home. Then writing starts for me by two. I’m writing the ending to my WIP and doing my last peeps for midnight. I plan on napping sometime before 8pm this evening so I can be wide eyed and bushy tailed. I’ll be on FB, Twitter and when I awaken, because I need to rev up for midnight.

The cool thing about midnight, (when NaNo begins) is that it reminds me of the excitement I get when I would go to the midnight movies for Twightligt, Harry Potter (cheesy, hmm maybe) but fun.

What’s going on today?

I posted my current WIP’S excerpt this morning.

INKED: Jessica’s Obsession, is basically about a woman who wants more than just a friendship from a guy. Without giving too much away, I will say INKED has erotica, romance and suspense. There are many surprises, and I hope when readers finish this book they will be intrigued to read my other books. Readers will find that each of my books has their own uniqueness and will not compare to any other book that I have written or will write.

Now it’s time for me to get some sleep. I have a busy day today, but sometime today I have to reach my goal word count. I think that should be 2500 today.

Wish me luck!